Our People

Stephen Carter Partner

Stephen Carter

Bill Perry Senior Counsel

Bill Perry

Bernadette Bailey Partner

Bernadette Bailey

William Sturge Consultant

William Sturge

Mark Aizlewood Partner - Head of Professional Indemnity

Mark Aizlewood

Simon Thomas Partner

Simon Thomas

Helen Tilley Partner

Helen Tilley

Samantha Zaozirny Associate

Samantha Zaozirny

Dean De Cesare Solicitor

Dean De Cesare

Alan Bannister Consultant

Alan Bannister

Adam Barker Consultant

Adam Barker

Paul Bugden Consultant

Paul Bugden

Hugh Bohling Consultant

Hugh Bohling

Robert Harrison Consultant

Robert Harrison

Anthony Rose Consultant

Anthony Rose

Joseph Sutton Consultant

Joseph Sutton

Marcus Giraudel Paralegal and Court Clerk

Marcus Giraudel

Sue Power Office Manager

Sue Power