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Carter Perry Bailey's raison d'etre is to provide legal expertise in those fields in which it is expert. Clients may sometimes require legal advice in fields in which we feel that we do not have the required expertise. We have built up extensive contacts over many years with other lawyers who have great expertise in what we feel are pretty much all the fields in which our clients might require help both in this country and internationally. If any clients seek our help in any such area, we can and will advise on a transparent and unbiased basis exactly where we feel they will best get the help they need at the best price. If the matter in question is one which also involves our field of expertise we shall be delighted to advise as part of a team and all of us have experience in working as part of multi-disciplinary teams. In other words: if we cannot help, we should know someone who can and will be happy either to refer you to them or to work with them, whichever is best for you.

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Carter Perry Bailey LLP is a specialist law firm, practicing in both contentious and non-contentious insurance and reinsurance, commercial litigation and arbitration and trust & fiduciary disputes.

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